Gigacrawler draft playtest, part 2

I have a new computer now, so I can continue testing what I’ve done of Gigacrawler.

My character is a vampire, with the following (above average) stats:

Agility 11
Charisma 15
Willpower 13
Physique 6
Intelligence 14

Technology 7
Magic 7

keywords: KW2.

10 shells.

I start in a hex with the location code M14 (a relatively tolerant town) and a movement number of 3 (which is unlikely to have much effect at this stage).

I start by trying to get more money. I think I’ll beg. Given several options, I choose to just sit looking downtrodden. An entire month of begging gains me only 3 shells.

I now have to choose how much to spend on food and shelter. I can only afford a hovel, which costs me 5 shells (it would have been 15 shells, but it’s cheaper for vampires, since animal blood is cheaper than human food).

This leaves me with 8 shells. Poverty also reduces my Willpower by 4 points.

As the second month starts, I realize I’m going to need more money. I decide to resort to burglary. This succeeds, gaining me 150 shells. However I lose another 2 points of Willpower, either from guilt or the temptation to become a full-time burglar rather than a wandering adventurer (Willpower is specifically your character’s will to continue wandering).

I decide to look for companions. I spend 2 shells (down to 156 shells), and meet an otherworldly child named Alice Liddell, who claims to be able to teach me magic.

I decide to spend the rest of the month recovering, and to live as well as a prosperous citizen, which costs me 45 shells (leaving 111) including paying for Alice, and brings my Willpower back to its full value.

In the third month, I decide to look for somewhere better. Three months’ rations for Alice and myself costs a total of 54 shells (leaving 57). As it turns out, the journey only takes 2 months, but the destination is disappointing: a village (at least one which is tolerant of wandering adventurers).

That, I decide, is enough testing for today. The systems I’ve done seem to work well enough. However I think getting companions is far too cheap and easy, and I would prefer begging to get you more money, but also carry more risks (getting kidnapped for example).

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