A game idea.

People on Boardgamegeek told me that the following idea wasn’t commercially viable. Does anyone think it sounds interesting?

An add-on for chess, inspired by Song of Blades and Heroes.

Components are as follows:

  • 32 counters.
  • Markers to indicate pieces that have moved in the current turn.
  • A track and marker to keep track of the maximum number of pieces that can move in a turn, and have already moved.

The players have to provide a chess set.

Each player has 16 counters, each giving numbers for Quality (2-5) and Combat (0-3).

White places one counter randomly beneath each piece, and black copies white’s layout (the counters have letters to make this easier).

The game works the same as Song of Blades and Heroes: you attempt to move a piece by rolling your choice of 1-3 dice. Results between 1 and the piece’s Quality are successes. Each success lets you move the piece once (although if a piece attempts to take, it can’t move any further that turn). Two failures on the same piece mean the end of your turn. You can only roll for a given piece once per turn.

There is a maximum number of pieces that can be moved per turn. This starts at 2, and goes up by 1 each time it’s reached, to a maximum of 8.

When a piece attempts to take, the two players roll 1 dice and add the relevant Combat rating. Doubling the other piece’s total destroys it. Otherwise the losing piece moves 1 square backwards, being taken if that square is occupied or the move would take them off the board. The attacker wins ties, and gets +1 for every piece on their side that could have moved into the disputed square.

You have to declare check, but the other player isn’t obliged to get out of check. The object is to actually destroy the king.

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