Blood Bowl: am I playing it wrong?

I recently got a copy of the Blood Bowl computer game. I knew of the board game in the 80s, but had never played it.

Anyway I’m playing a team of humans. Some of the players are noted as being ‘throwers’ or ‘catchers’. However I almost never pass, because passing seems to be much harder than knocking over opposing players.

I just played a computer-controlled human team and they didn’t pass either. However, I wonder if I’m missing anything. Anyone read this blog and know the game?

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5 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: am I playing it wrong?

  1. Hi,

    Passing is more delicate but bashing adversary players can get you into very dire situations if you miscalculate the risks/rewards. Passing can be useful depending of the teams on the field : a “light” agile team (such as Elves and, to a lesser extend, Humans) will be more likely to pass if they don’t have the physical superiority (ie most of the time). Heavy teams (Norses, Dwarves) will rely more on knocking everyone down and forming a cage around the ball carrier to protect it (although they will be super slow)

  2. Passing is, as far as I understand, a higher-risk mechanic for when you either have a good shot or when you are going to be hopelessly swarmed. Alternatively, there’s races that are much better at it.

    Punching everyone up and walking the ball to the goal definitely isn’t a wrong way to play.

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