Gigacrawler draft–second playtest–part 1.

I’ve written a lot more of Gigacrawler since I tested it, so I’m going to do so again.

Rolling for attributes I get the following:

Agility 7
Charisma 11
Willpower 5
Physique 11
Intelligence 15

Once again I have at least one high (13+) and one low (8-) attribute, so I don’t have to alter my attributes (I think it will be quite rare to have to adjust attributes).

Since the character’s highest attribute is Intelligence, they’re an Atlantean. This means that they have high Technology and Magic:

Technology: 15
Magic: 15

Being an Atlantean gives them various disadvantages, such as being bad at fighting and bargaining.

KW3 [Atlantean]

As with all characters, my character starts with 10 cowrie shells (the currency of the setting).

They start in settlement type M14–“A town which is relatively tolerant of wandering adventurers such as yourself.” The movement number of the hex is 2 (this affects moving to a new hex).

Since last time, I’ve added another way of winning to the game. There are three hexes, each of which contains a group of beings who claim to be angels. Choose one, and you’re taken to Heaven or Hell, instantly winning or losing the game. You work out which group is the true one using statements they make, which are in a similar format to ‘knights and knaves’ logic puzzles (the ones where some people always lie and others always tell the truth).

The starting hex isn’t very good. So, since my Magic is high, I think I’ll leave the settlement immediately, using Magic to travel instantly. I decide to travel north, invoking Yafir, the Exalted Crone of the Far Places, to move 1 more than the movement number.

I roll two dice, counting 1s as -5 and 6s as 12. The result is 7, which is a success since it’s under my Magic score.

The new hex turns out to have code M24–the repeating city of Telelee, and the best place in the game to find companions–and a movement number of 2.

I’ll leave it there for now, while I decide whether to look for companions, or travel on immediately.

The board currently looks like this:

M29, M30 and M31 are the locations of the beings claiming to be angels. M14 is the town I started in, and M24 is my current location of Telelee.

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