Gigacrawler draft–second playtest–part 2.

My character, an Atlantean, finds themselves in the repeating city of Telelee.

I decide to use Telelee’s system of long-distance transport catapults. This costs 5 shells, leaving me with 5.

Nothing happens on the way, and I was aimed at the correct hex. However, having a low Agility, I land badly, losing 4 points from my Physique (the equivalent of hit points).

The movement number of the new hex is 2.

In this hex there’s a town, built around the temple to a supposed group of angels. They’re said to look like a wheel within another wheel, both rimmed with eyes. Characters can do normal things like stealing, begging or looking for work in this town, but I decide to go to the temple and consult the priests. The priests tell me that “The false, beautiful angels of the southeast sometimes lie and sometimes tell the truth.”

I decide to travel on immediately, to the temple in the southwest. Once again I decide to travel by magic. The option that will get me closest to my desired destination is to evoke Yiraf, the Maiden of the Spaces Between, who will allow me to move ‘diagonally’.

Once again I’m successful, and end up in “a rare area of wilderness in the Gigastructure: a valley called the Navel of God”.

At this point I realize a flaw in the rules: with my Magic as high as it is, it’s possible to travel by magic using up little or no time. So I’m going to add a new rule which forces you to spend time recovering before you can travel by magic again.

At this point my character is as follows:

Agility 7
Charisma 11
Willpower 5
Physique 11 / 7
Intelligence 15

Technology: 15
Magic: 15

KW3 [Atlantean]
KW89 [Last temple I visited was the north one]
LOGE [keyword from consulting temple priests]
KW28 [have generated the Navel of God]


The angels of the north told me that “The false, beautiful angels of the southeast sometimes lie and sometimes tell the truth.”

The map looks like this:

M29, M30 and M31 are the locations of the beings claiming to be angels.
M14 is the town I started in.
M24 is Telelee.
M20 is my current location, the Navel of God.

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