Gigacrawler draft–second playtest–part 3.

I’ve changed the rules so that characters have to recover from a successful attempt at magical travel.

My Atlantean character has found themselves in the Navel of God, a rare area of wilderness in the Gigastructure–but home to no animal life larger than an insect.

Unable to travel by magic, and too feeble to risk traveling on foot, my character is forced to try to survive here. I spend a month living on what I can gather, and heal half the damage from landing badly.

I’m now able to travel by magic again, and choose to do so. This time I invoke Yafir, the Exalted Crone of the Far Places.

I find myself in another example of the repeating city of Telelee.

I could spend the last of my shells to catapult to the southwestern angels’ hex. However I’m going to need to get some money eventually, and I decide to do so here (a city) rather than there (a town). Thus I decide to beg. Rather than dance and sing, or pretend to be crippled, I just sit looking downtrodden. Several weeks of begging earn me 15 shells.

There are several options for how much money to spend on food and shelter. I decide to spend nothing, and live on the streets. This causes me to suffer in both mind and body (Willpower and Physique).

I decide to travel by catapult again, for the cost of 5 shells. This was a bad idea because, with my low Agility, I should have predicted what happens: I land badly, and almost kill myself.

However, I’m where I want to be. I visit the second group of self-proclaimed angels. These angels are said to look like human shapes made of fire, with six wings, which they must fold over themselves to avoid burning those to whom they appear. I visit their temple, and their priest tells me that “The false, beautiful angels of the southeast sometimes lie and sometimes tell the truth.”–exactly the same thing that the angels of the north told me.

My character, nearly broken physically and mentally, ponders what this could mean.

Agility 7
Charisma 11
Willpower 5 / 3
Physique 11 / 1
Intelligence 15

Year 1 Month 3

Technology: 15
Magic: 15

15 shells

KW3 [Atlantean]
KW90 [last temple I visited was the southwest one]
LOGE, LOGF [keywords from consulting temple priests]
KW28 [have generated the Navel of God]
KW88 [can’t travel by magic until rest]


The angels of the north, AND those of the southwest told me that “The false, beautiful angels of the southeast sometimes lie and sometimes tell the truth.”

The map looks like this:

M29, M30 and M31 are the locations of the beings claiming to be angels.
M14 is the town I started in.
M24 is Telelee. There are two instances of Telelee. I’m in the one to the south.
M20 is the Navel of God.

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