Gigacrawler question.

Looking again at the ‘logic puzzle’ element of Gigacrawler, I wanted to know if people found this too hard, too easy, or what.

The situation is essentially this:

There are three people, A, B or C. One always lies, one always tells the truth, and one might lie or might tell the truth.

Both A and B tell me that C is the one who might lie or tell the truth.

What, if anything, is it possible to work out from this? Answers in the comments.

None of this is a spoiler btw, because the angels are different each time.

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2 thoughts on “Gigacrawler question.

  1. A and B cannot be both the liar and honest person, because otherwise, they would disagree. So we can conclude that C is NOT the wishy washy person. And that’s it because the lies aren’t binary like in the simpler Knights and Knaves riddle.

  2. Too easy. C is the truth angel. A and B are the liar and the occasional liar. Unless I’m an idiot and have it wrong, it’s trivial to work out.

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