Pythonic Legs / Ozymandian Legs

Pythonic Legs live in the clouds. They resemble the leg of a giant, cut off cleanly just below the knee. They hunt land creatures, descending suddenly to squash them. It is unknown how they consume their prey, since they hold their kill in their toes and ascend again to the clouds.

After Pythonic Legs mate (those with ‘left feet’ and ‘right feet’ appear to be different genders), they become land-bound and unmoving, and harden so that they appear to be made of stone. In this form they are called Ozymandian Legs. It is unclear whether they are still alive in this stage. Either way, if they are not destroyed, the land around them will turn into desert.

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    • Thanks! I don’t post stuff like this as often as I used to, because if I have any spare time I’d prefer to work on my game. But I thought this was good and I didn’t want to waste it.

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