>The Lady of Charity

>The Lady of Charity is mainly a goddess of the sea, but sometimes also the protector of prostitutes and the love-lorn. Telelelenes consider the sea to begin when one can no longer see the bottom.

She appears as a beautiful woman clad in coral and night. She is often depicted as pregnant. Her beauty is said to be like the word “sky” whispered by one who squats in darkness in a prison without windows.

She is sometimes said to be the same as the sea god Numen Mari. Either the god is considered to be both genders, or it is said that the worshippers of Numen Mari mistakenly (or blasphemously) consider the goddess to be male. Some believe that the two are separate and married. Others say that Numen Mari is a demon of the sea who causes shipwrecks, and is the enemy of the Lady.

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