Age of Fable

Guestbook for the free, online fantasy role-playing game Age of Fable (I had to delete the old one because it was overrun with spam).

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23 thoughts on “Age of Fable

  1. Under the Moons of Mars doesn’t seem to be working correctly today. Ticking the dice to roll then hitting the roll dice button rerolls all dice. Love playing this game when I have some time to kill, which is far too often. 😀

    • I’m sorry, no, I don’t update it any more.

      I might write a new ‘choose your own adventure’ style game in the future, but that would be for sale rather than free.

  2. I want to thank you so much for creating this game and for still having it up. I hope it stays online forever. I love both the game itself and the pictures that go with it!

    I played this game years ago but lost the link and forgot it’s title. I’m so glad I finally found it again.

  3. I just found my old saved character links in my documents and I am ludicrously excited that they still work! Thank you so much for still having this game up, I loved it dearly many years ago and I fully intend to enjoy it again now that I have found it once more.

  4. I just wanted to say that I really love this game and have been coming back to it periodically for the last few years (I think it’s been out for that long anyways haha). I noticed you mentioned you might do another “choose your own adventure” game for purchase. I would definitely buy the crap out of whatever it is (and tell everyone I know to buy it too) because I love your games style. Thanks for making such a cool game and keep it up!

  5. Hey! Just wanted to say that I love this game and I’ve been coming back to it once in a while for years. Your the man! Hope you do a sequel some day.

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