Telelee coverTo bitter academic-turned-journalist Miller, Madame Dabrowski is just another crank to be mocked in print. Her machine for traveling to other worlds is as laughable as her theories. Until it works…

This verse novel comes with a great deal of bonus material set in the same world:

How the Isle of Cats Got Its Name
The Construction Workers of Telelee
The God of the City of Dust
Diamanda and the Isle of Wives
Sigrun and the Shepherd (all from The New Death and Others)

How the Trolls Were Driven from Telelee (from They Say the Sirens Left the Seas)

Agnes and the Three Sorcerers (previously-unpublished short story)

This ebook is available now, for only 99c.
Amazon (Kindle)
Smashwords (variety of formats)

Free Samples
The Amazon and Smashwords pages linked above both have free samples for download. I’ve also had several things published separately which you can read on the net. You can see a list here.
I’ll put any review on here that I know about, not just the ones that liked the book. The most recent reviews are at the top (roughly – I put them in the order that I find them, not necessarily the order they were written).
Note that there are also reviews on the ebook’s pages on Amazon and Smashwords, as well as on Goodreads.
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