I am currently writing a single-player game, similar in format to the game Barbarian Prince, based on Zak Smith’s Gigacrawler setting.

It will definitely be available in pdf form. I will also do a crowdsourcing campaign to try and get a print version done.

I am currently writing a playtesting kit for Gigacrawler. This will include character creation, and a limited number of encounters. I will send these out to volunteers for feedback.

The blurb for the game is below.


It is the last age of the universe. There is no such thing as a planet, a star, or space. The universe is filled with tunnels of stone, glass, metal, and stranger materials. This may be because of hyper-urbanization and eons of alchemical warfare. It may be that our ancestors uploaded themselves into software, and what we call the universe is produced by a now-corrupted computer. It may be that God is senile.

To many, the repeated cities are the surest sign of the madness of the world. These are identical copies of settlements from Earth’s past, which appeared apparently all at once and throughout the entire universe: the 19th century frontier town of Black Creek Wyoming; the first city, Ur, with its alien ‘gods’; Atlantis at the height of its power; and the greatest city of the Age of Three Suns, Telelee.

Gigacrawler is a single-player adventure game. It works in a similar way to the Choose Your Own Adventure series and other gamebooks: as a player you choose from a number of decisions, which direct you to different paragraphs in the game. Unlike most gamebooks, the universe is different every time, and the best decision will be different depending on your character. This means that the game doesn’t lose its interest after you’ve won it once. You will explore the setting, winning the game if your character finds true love for themselves and their companions, gathers enough wealth, or uncovers the true origin of the state of the universe (which may be different in each game). You might bargain with the Devil, become your own lover or your own arch-enemy, or freeze yourself for a thousand years and hope things get better.

Gigacrawler is a setting by multiple Ennie award winner Zak Smith, of the D&D With Porn Stars blog and the video series I Hit It With My Axe. It is written by James Hutchings, the creator of the online game Age of Fable.

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