Follow-up question about Gigacrawler

The ‘logic puzzle’ element of Gigacrawler seems to be too easy.

I had a couple of ideas of how to change it:

i) Have 5 cities instead of 3: 2 always lie, 2 might lie or tell the truth, and 1 always tells the truth and is the one you’re after.

ii) Don’t have set locations for the temples: instead you have to wander around and find them.

Obviously I could always abandon the logic puzzle idea altogether.

Please let me know what you think.

Gigacrawler question.

Looking again at the ‘logic puzzle’ element of Gigacrawler, I wanted to know if people found this too hard, too easy, or what.

The situation is essentially this:

There are three people, A, B or C. One always lies, one always tells the truth, and one might lie or might tell the truth.

Both A and B tell me that C is the one who might lie or tell the truth.

What, if anything, is it possible to work out from this? Answers in the comments.

None of this is a spoiler btw, because the angels are different each time.